It's Big. It's Bad. It's Bale-Out.  This field requires both strength and athleticism.  It takes running, climbing, ducking and rolling to get safely through this map.  Can't handle it?  Then you best Bale-Out!!


It's Our Service That Makes Us Special!

Logo designed by Martyn O'Donnell

Reminiscence of the battle fields of days gone by, this map can leave you wishing you never put your uniform on and headed out to take on the enemy. Whether you are slithering through the ditches or scrambling over the bridge, the battle here is a tough one.

The Battle Field.


Ghost Town.

Junk Yard.

Think you have what it takes to conquer the spirits in Ghost Town?  We're not so sure!  Delve into the Wild West to face your opponents in a quick draw or a manhunt.  Watch out because you never know who or what will pop out of the deserted buildings!


Tackling this junk yard takes courage and strategy!  One wrong move and you could be laying alongside one of the old wrecks.  Keep your head low and your gun at the ready in order to escape from this metal and rubber graveyard.

It is with heavy hearts

that we announce

the closing of

Ghost Town Paintball.  

We have enjoyed

hosting all of our

clients over the past

three seasons.  

Thanks to

each and every one

of you for your